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Adding USB-C to the iPad isn’t enough to fix Apple’s messy port

Many people - I have included myself - on the iPhone the opportunity to tell about the way to put the USB-C aside. This is an option that essentially enabled each important apple gadget to provide charger to each other and for all purposes and purposes, which was abandoned each other's new electronic electronic gadget today. It's like interchangeability, which basically guarantees the center of the USB-C because it was previously presented. It may be frustrating, it is easy to understand the thinking behind the apple process: PC - A range of gadgets that currently include the iPad Pro - Received to sync unquestioned USB-C ports with frill environment Do it. Versatile items like iPod Touch, AirPods and iPhone receive lightning ports, where Apple can take advantage of iron-fist control that you can do and not connect with the extra benefit in addition to its MFI certification program Can do Run with it (There is a dispute that the apple physically favors lightning due to the size of the port of Leitler, as it may be, if almost every other cell phone organization has estimated how the port is integrated into similarly anticipated gadgets. If I do, I'm almost sure about the applet, the structure group can do this too.)

The iPhone is just too basic, which makes it impossible for Apple's business to get a chance for the USB-C tuckt. Would Apple be able to open the future iPhone with the USB-C for Apple? clearly. However, this apple will be heavily cost effective on both of its most important gadgets - both cash and rights - none of these will effectively defeat Apple. The iPhone is just too basic, which makes it impossible for Apple's business to get the chance of a USB-C tuckt. It is not enough for the organization that no one ever buy some earphones or chargers And it can not work with your iPhone in light of the fact that the link is awesome or the wattage is very low or the specs are wrong.

The iPad, again, gives the apple a chance to test and open. It can run iOS in any case and can be liable to reach the nearest distance of the closed app store from the wall, yet there is another road in the USB-C where equipment and programming designers can imagine what the imagination can be done. Macintosh is pitching the iPad as a PC, and USB-C makes it all inclusive, open-source port (if Is not absolutely free from the control of the apple), so for the type of experts, individuals usually expect PCs. The extra unpredictability of the USB-C can push people from the iPhone, although it can be a shelter for enticing more power customers to make shelters for the iPad.

To begin with, how do we address a clear issue of dongle size: At the present time, Apple Gadgets - offers three different sections of the telephone, tablet and PC - and each one of the three pairs To fix this, the Applepad currently offers two specific $ 9 dongles, which gives you the standard 3.5 min on the iPad Pro and the iPhone to provide a variety of physical connectors to connect to the earphones. Mr. enables you to use the earphone plug. If you buy an iPad Pro, the apple wired does not offer the earphones only, which you can add without dongle. (And also, the external USB-C earphone view is still awful ..., to say it slowly, despite the fact that Google and OnePlus are expected to leave.) If you have an extraordinary match of lightning earphones, (Or even earpods that are included with your iPhone which are the default option for some customers), any real to interface them in their iPad or MacBook Air Not the way. In addition, you have some simple 3.5mm earphones, and you need to use it with your new iPad Pro and your iPhone, you currently need to bear two different dongles, none of which Excludes Gadget $ 74 9

Like the 12-inch MacBook, the iPad's USB-C port is only a USB-C port, not Thunderbolt 3 port, a device standard manufactured by Intel that uses USB's equivalent physical device -C To put it another way: all Thunderbolt is 3 USB-C, although not all USB-C is Thunderbolt 3. This means that the LG Thunderbolt 3 show supported by the extraordinary Apple can not work with your new iPad. Instead, the iPad Prose USB-C / HDMI and Display Port for a Showcase The option mode binds the glasses. These are great institutional specs, yet it is an additional layer of Apple's other USB-C PC (counting on the new MacBook Air) when it is included in the most dangerous Thunderbolt 3 spec.

To pile on it, the USB-C port of iPad is extra inhibited in light of the fact that it can not be associated with external capacity gadgets other than the SD card, which Apple has clearly chosen, not tested is. So off-the-spot, you need to get a document from the USB-C streak drive or exchange your Photoshop. SPSD on external drive, you can not (You actually used on Mac Using the same dongle and connector to go can fix an approach.)

Sky may be the most important for iPad Pro, though a great deal depends on what the apple designers are offering to do. Will you be able to connect the USB devices to use with the garage band? USB console? Turning controller? The sky may be the most distant point for the iPad Pro, although one big measure depends on what the apple designers are giving chance to do. Even more, the best way to search can be to use. To keep it clear, just imagine the unplugging of your workstation from USB-C dongle, Connecting your iPad, and most of your screen, hard drive and decoration work can not be straightforward in the form of ports.

In any case, the way the device on the iPad Pro creates the idea of ​​a fitting and play swap for a PC, it is a major advance for Apple to require the iPad - even if the reality of the USB-C is somewhat limited Is messed up.

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