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Global Smartphone Shipments Down 6.0% in Q3 2018

As the Starter's information is indicated by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, cell phone vendors distributed 355.2 million units in the last quarter of 2018 (3Q18), thereby annually contributing to the annual decay 6.0 % Of This was the fourth consecutive quarter of the year-by-year decade for global cell phone advertising, which brings forth issues about the market's future. IDC retains its idea That market will come back for development in 2019, although at this stage it is very soon to tell what development will be.

While normal cell phone advertising has declined for four straight quarters, the second point has emerged as a central point from the last two quarters. Samsung, the largest cell phone vendor, up to a total industry piece, represents 20.3% shipment in 3Q18, which has declined 13.4% annually in the quarter. Apart from this, China, which is the largest nation showcase for cell phone use, which represents approximately 33% of shipment worldwide, was also down for the 6th back quarter. Samsung had a test quarter with 13.4% to 72.2 million unit delivery. The piece of the industry leader continues to feel weight with all the bearings, especially Huwei is walking as the second second seller after its second continuous quarter. Moreover, developing markets like India and Indonesia, where Samsung has held long-term driving positions, are being replaced with the rapid development of Chinese brands like Xiamami, OPPO and Vivo.

In the interim, the residential market of China, which takes about 33% of all cell phones, has decreased since the second quarter of 2017, and 3Q18 was the 6th back quarter where the market sees compression. In the original part of 2018 (1H 18) China was down 11%, and the difficulties went forward in 3Q18. A large number of IDC estimates that this reduction will decrease with the market at market level in 2019. Program VP Ryan Reith, with IDC's Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers said, "China's residential market is being tested because the general customer spending around cell phones has decreased." "The level of high infiltration mixed with some intrusive monetary opportunities has controlled the world's largest cell phone showcase. In spite of this, we believe that this market will start reviving in 2019 and in the past, Revived the cycle on all the pieces developed to the extent Do, and in outer parts of the gauge formed by the 5G movement. "

Watch the IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker mainly, "The race is getting hot on the highest point of the market, because Huwei actually slipped into second position behind the apple." "Despite the fact that Huwai will have defeated Apple in Q3, on this occasion the apple market can be leading due to the transmission of three new bezel-less gadgets in the quarters, even if there is a chance in the general market, the new leader Becoming an enthusiast with a comprehensive determination of gadgets for. With the new iPhone, Mate 20, Pixel 3, V40, Note 9, and OnePlus 6T, we can expect that buyers will have many options from time to time overhaul. The overwhelming choice of extraordinary handsets should be transferred to ASP in positive effect in the next quarter. "

With cell phone shipments in Samsung, there was a very difficult quarter below 3Q17 to 13.4%, usually speaking the volume of 72.2 million. Although it was still enough to keep the best piece of pie, the organization continues to lose shares. The delivery of Galaxy Note 9 was effective and the gadget continues to work in shipment. As always, more testing of Samsung is the land they are losing in mid-range and lower end. Patch to item highlights to bring new highlights and focus on non-lead models Late announcements can encourage this slide. Samsung will probably be looking at new A-Series gadgets to fill holes at mid-level in new markets.

Huwai reached two places in second quarter in a quarter. Although its offer was less than 15.9% of the previous quarter, the organization should generally be satisfied with 52.0 million handset delivery and 14.6% of the general market should be snatched. From an item viewpoint, its P-system and late refresh for your mate-arrangement keep it centered on the highest point of the market as always. Moreover, its honor image, which is basically People and online deals have been shown to another youth gathering, have performed very well in many business areas.

Apple's most up-to-date iPhone helped to drive 46.9 million units for the second time from the previous quarter's shipment, which was 0.5% higher than 46.7 million units a year ago. Apple induced three new gadgets on the occasion of its new collapse, the new 6.5-inch iPhone X Max and 5.8-inch iPhone Xs were included in the more appropriate iPhone XR in the Apple Line-up. The new Xs Max and XS advance achievement from iPhone X a year ago, although the table has more power and extended Another screen takes option with performance. Apart from this, Apple has enhanced the capability by increasing the camera and increasing it, and through the A12 bionic chip, another faster processor is included, which is the initial 7-nanometer chip for the apple. For more experienced iPhones, for example, 6S, 7, and 8, the deduction of late cut in all quarters, which will adjust the iPhone portfolio at all price levels for the quarter. SE and iPhone X to set up more than a year ago Has been removed from the line-up. In the last quarter, there will be unlimited shipment for the famous iPhone XR, which has not been checked in ID3's Q3 data.

Xiamy developed 3Q18 by developing its proposal to another organization that captured 9.7% of all cell phones distributed around the world. With its global expansion, Xiami progresses in the nations with a piece of overall industry advantage, where it is developing proximity with India and Indonesia, and is making progress in European markets like Spain, where it creates problems. Its Redmi 5A, Redmi 5 Plus, and Redmi Note 5 Ways to work well, and more updated Radmi 6 / A / Pro successors grow faster.

Like Samsung, OPPO saw shipments year after year, despite the fact that at a very limited level. Despite this, the OPPO remained number 5 merchant about the total industry piece, in which there were 29.9 million shipments in 3Q18, which was below 2.1% a year ago. Like some of the rivals who keep climbing on cell phones, OPPO is starting to raise global ideas for a part of its more up-to-date lead gadgets, along with opportunities to promote its decision. Structures on X-X and R-17 items The current expectations for the OPPO are increasing, and as a result they are moving forward to see the growth of their client ASP.

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