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HTC stop being so quietly brilliant

HTC is setting up a pattern for a long time in the cell phone industry - very inhumanly, as I want to think. He has never built a main Android cell phone - HTC Dream (otherwise called T-Mobile G1 in some areas), yet the development was long overdue. Currently at the very edge of bankruptcy, they have discharged HTC Exposure - a cell phone focusing on a digital phone digital money lover, which is a terrible trick that is in the latter part of the assembly. This year Taiwan has been intense for the producer - and this is telling something, because they have been living hard for some time. HTC closed 1500 delegates and in 2018 the profit dropped below 80%. Organizations still did not make Google's pixels - pixels 3 and 3xl are produced directly by Foxconn.

Everything is in the center of HTC's crime? Stupid idea? Low quality equipment? As a long-running fan, I would say that the primary concern of preventing the organization's prosperity is the absence of trust in their own goods and development. HTC One M8 - One of the best and most popular gadgets in the organization. / © HTC Good 'All Day: Cool Shining

I can be here one side, because HTC Desire HD was my first real cell phone and I felt the hardness of it, though in 2010 it was extraordinary compared to other gadgets available. For example, claimants like Samsung used plastic at that time, while HTC Desire HD has an aluminum body, so that the telephone looks more premium and feels. Apart from this gadget is exceptionally Made solid. However, this was just one of many proposals - there was incredible sound controlled by Dolby Audio and sound included, a great 8 MP camera and no preinstalled bluetooth.

Similarly, DZire HD had a big and high round screen compared to the existing iPhone - when Android phones acquired their feet through cell phones and were not clean. It was a strong all-orcher who feared the two culprits and shopkeepers. Some big surprises in UK transporters did not try to take care of the demands of the HTC telephone. American change - Inspiring 4G and Thunderbolt, was also among the principal cell phones for the help of 4G and LTE. Regarding the organization's 'sensible brilliant' trademark, the promotion for the gadget was medium and straight-forward.

In any case, the one who followed was very disappointing. HTC Sense Web Benefits which helped you to monitor or search your gadget (not mistaken for Sense UI) to refer to the above video, was swiftly and abruptly dropped - the administration and gadgets for a relatively limited time frame. Expect the organization's reluctance to assist.

The Taiwan manufacturer, in the same way, supported Dariers HD after leaders with their amazing plan options. For example, 2012 One X was a monstrous disappointment for HTC fans. A polycarbonate (let's be realistic, it's just an extraordinary name for plastic) body, a lone blaze (as opposed to double on Dzire HD) and extremely uncomfortable sound quality is only a part of my complaints. My One X also got a monstrous scratch on its first drop. I like dvdor hd There were never such issues with.

So, why did HTC suddenly change its plan direction? My only figure is that they needed to catch the well known pattern - basically all the different telephone were plastic at that time. This made them lightweight and slim, though unstable and not very difficult. The Taiwan brand had recently had to follow its firearms - aluminum body issues were not there. When you are struggling with vibrations, for example, Apple and Samsung, you need to emerge, do not mix.

However, it was not remarkable for all the HTC reasons to emerge. The creator took interesting ideas, for example, an internet based life is joining very far with a final goal to talk to a particular gathering of people. Keep in mind HTC Facebook telephone (called Uncle, Salsa and First)? As long as the escape gave me a flashback, I ignored them unknowingly. I feel like the option of getting both of them in a similar way: "What's in the late news? Digital currency (or Facebook) - Everyone is putting resources in it, we should get it fast, create a themed telephone and slap a group of related highlights and popular expressions during advertising. needed." HTC Uncle and HTC First. I'm sure the escape will be remembered as Friendly / HTC

HTC Avo 3D is another comparative example, despite the fact that it was a strong leader, the 3D camera was different. As it may be, with HTC One M7 and One M8, it seems that HTC has long searched for its specialty in the market - amazing sound Dual front-facing speakers of two telephones were unmatched in sound quality and power.

HTC One M8 was one of the same standard standard gadgets, in which there are two camera sensors behind, keeping in mind the reliable effect of the photograph. The manufacturer of Taiwan tried various things with ultra-pixel innovation, as it may have been, better left.

During the One M system, HTC had bowed down the "indivisibly magnificent" motto, yet I thought that these amazing gadgets (except an M9) were left to display themselves. Forced to compare with the different manufacturers of the Crusades, it seems that the Taiwanese organization can not just resist or protest at that time. If you should be seen, you need to work hard to get publicity and performance. For example, the Korean rival of HTC was a generally recognized name path before the Samsung cell phone. Despite this, for a long time, while making an impression about their gadgets, enthusiasts are excited to be enthusiastic about Apple:

So in reality, HTC's plan to give Gadgets the chance to represent themselves, though, is honorable, though innocent. This is not sufficient enough, especially in 2018 when the market has flown with new cell phones and producers. Huawei, respect and other Chinese brands were not present or were in Europe or America for all purposes and purposes, 10 years ago unclear. Or on the other side they were seen as less expensive alternatives, unlike standard brands like Samsung and Apple. At present, they market in many cases While HTC is running, the HTC has been abandoned.

In addition to the migration, the recent HTC Lead is U + 12. I've been with the gadget for fourteen days, using it near my HTC 10, which I have definitely rejected for refresh a long time ago. The main thing I saw was that U + 12 is not yet running on Android 9 Pie. Discussing Google's most up-to-date OS, one of its promoted highlights - flipping to ring a ringing telephone,

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