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Nokia 7.1 Review

Since the organization has rebooted Nokia after porting HMD Global for portable markings, we have seen that various exceptional cell phones have come to market. For the very interesting re-evaluation of Nokia 3310 with any similarity to the leadership of Nokia 8 Siroko, the organization is gradually changing easily an easily recognizable name once. Considering the idea of ​​a wide range of customers of HMD Global, aficionados, and "traditional" customers alike Keeping it working. Nokia 7.1 is a piece of Android One program and sits right between the pack.

The promise of HMD Global for the Android One program can not be ignored, as Nokia 7.1 is the longest journey to be their first segment. Actually, most of the organization's cell phones are a piece of it. Having a piece of Android One program does not mean that you have an Android encounter, you still need to update (in principle, in any case) quickly. For the validity of HMD Global, they accept Android pie refresh To come up more is to accomplish it with remarkable solutions of your gadget.

By saying this, Nokia 7.1 Android runs Oreo out of the container, although the guarantee for refreshing Android pi is running soon. In that capacity, our audit unit is actually running Android Oreo. I can not be available after receiving the Android pie refresh drops, which can not be available at any rate, performance issues (or whichever I accept) related to several benign programming. Nokia 7.1 is a kind of telephone in which gadgets feel that it is not immediately accessible in the US. Europe And inside Asia, Nokia 7.1 is easily dominated by any similarity to Xiamy, although in America it is completely an alternate story.

Disclaimer: Nokia sent XDA to this gadget for audit purposes. Our estimate in this article is ours.

Nokia 7.1 specs specification Nokia 7.1 size 14 9.7 x 71.18 x 7.99 mm, 160g software stock Android 8.1 Oreo (Android One) (upgradeable for Android pie before the end of November) SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octa-Center SOC @ 1.8GHz RAM and 4GB RAM with 3 GB / 32GB / 64GB capacity; Open MicroSD Card Color Options Gloss Midnight Blue & Gloss Steel Battery 5,04-mp net display full HD + (2246 × 1080) IPS LCD with an 3,060 mAh quick charging display 9: 9 Perspective Ratios and HDR 10 Bolster Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 B / G / N / Air Conditioning, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC Port USB Type-C Port, 3.5mm Earphone Jack Rear Camera

When there is often an undiscovered piece towards receiving a cell phone, the introduction is essential for the initial introduction of the gadget. Nokia 7.1 comes in a shocking little, level box with the next number to indicate other than the telephone. You get a (really enough) charging block, a USB-C link, a SIM discharge device, and Nokia-marked headphones. After a plan quote like Old and Nokia, this is basic with containers and it is rich. this only There is no other Android cell phone, this is Nokia cell phone.

Nokia 7.1 today planned a reminder of part of the lion's share of 2018 Lead. An indent and a level glass back attempts to convince you with metal trim on the total edges, it is not just the mid-expanding gadget. Although many people are afraid of indent, but it has rapidly changed into another telephone signal. When you see scores on someone's cell phone, you feel they've got it in recent years. This, as it was, was an indication of extraordinary. This long To reach, for all long periods of time, to wear long hours to wear or disgust, by all accounts.

Back to the glass, it is again a point of struggle. Although it takes remote charging in mind, many people argue that your reality does not mean that you do not really have remote charging. A plastic or aluminum can not crush back when you leave it, yet the glass can certainly do it. Nokia 7.1 does not strengthen remote charging, and the glass back is essentially visible. Glass also Can be more difficult than different materials, again add to its deliciousness.

As may be, I can find the Nokia 7.1 plan to taste, if there is some extent. Nothing is unique about it, though it is a strong structure (for the most part, more on that) is pleasant to take a gander. Coming in 5.84 inches, this is a small gadget according to the screen-to-body ratio. With a 19: 9 perspective ratio this is a long gadget, and the score is completely wide. Actually, even then, I have no problem using this gadget in a positive way. Work to one person To find the cell phone seeker, it is well to find that all the essential qualities in this specific handset are pleasant.

There are winding edges with metal trim and level glass backs, as I want to think, it involves taking a gander. I do not share the disgust for Glass Back which others do - I think they feel the top notch of any cell phone, especially when done correctly. Glass back highlights some of the administrative data in the Nokia logo, Android One logo, and small print on the base.

There are some things I do not care about, even though, and the buttons are some or the other. The presence of the score is with the goal that manufacturers can give the largest screen-to-body ratio imaginable - how big is the button? It has Nokia logo which is also present on the back, so its incorporation can be replicated. I will not let gadgets be a traditional best and base bezel, yet it seems that Nokia 7.1 tried to make a difference to both And did not reduce them on the forest, the best and the base and essential symmetry.

And after that the party is going to catch, who have started bothering me now. It feels extremely unbalanced to capture the screen because the volume rocker is especially in power cache. It becomes favorable for some people, although it is not close to the apocalypse.

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