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Nokia 9 PureView Codenamed

Nokia 9 is the upcoming leader of HMD Global, if bit of gossip is accepted, and another snippet of data has recently surfaced on the web. The gadget was seen in the FID Refresh server metadata. The source guarantees that Nokia 9 PureView is specified, and the gadget is running on Android 9 Pie. Furthermore, the telephone is running Android security fixes, although it is important that this is a Chinese model of the gadget, and this is the last look of the handset Not there. However, it is not all that HMD Global claims to know the codename of leadership that is coming up, and it is 'Olympics', this is what is called a telephone in any event. With the ultimate goal of displaying that reality, the source provided a screen capture of metadata, where the 'Olympic' codenamed has been specified, and you can see that screen capture under this article. Things are they, the reason 'Olympics'? All things are considered, for this really one The purpose is, in any event we think that there is. There are five rings in the image for the Olympics, while the Nokia 9 net scene is required to wear five cameras behind, and the pattern of those cameras is considered as 'rings'. The more data the source is shared with regards to this gadget, yet more information has actually come up in recent days, and we will talk more about it.

Foundation: Two days ago, Nokia 9 was shown in various presenters, and a 360 degree video. That data hoisted the structure of the gadget to a great extent, and it seems that they are CAD-based renderers. There is some trust on the source on this issue, so it can be imagined that the indicated gadget is real, and this can be the last structure of the Nokia 9 Pure View, or whatever HMD calls the global winds gadget. That spill revealed that there will be seven rear rings on the telephone, although only for them five cameras Will be used. The sixth ring will have an LED streak, while the seventh is saved for any type of double sensor, which will gauge the proximity of the articles at any rate, or any kind of thing. Such spill also revealed that the telephone will be carried out of metal and glass, and it will dispatch with a twist. A 3.5mm earphone jack will not be included in the bundle, and the brake confirms that something above and below the telephone showcase Beziel will brand. Nokia's logo will be included in both the back of the gadget, or when the break is accurate.

Another information came out yesterday, in fact, because it was announced that Nokia 9 Pure View will be transmitted before the Mobile World Congress 2019. At that point that the matter should be trusted, the Nokia 9 net scene could actually touch the base on January. The arrangement of HMD Global was to highlight the telephone between the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​although it seems that the design of the organization has changed, in any event, as indicated by the estimated information has been done. This means that the organization will either declare between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, or it will have a different opportunity at some point in January. However, there is no complete story, however, Nokia 9 had confidence in sending the first month, yet it was postponed due to unknown reasons. The chief product officer of the organization, Juhoe Sarvicus, was the primary person behind the choice, as the reports indicate, because they did not think That the telephone has been prepared to pursue. That choice actually revealed how some workers of HMD Global should be humiliated, or it is likely that the report is being expressed because those representatives are imagining that HMD Global has made its ticket with Nokia 9 Left, and lost some ground, did not offer his pony for the race, to fight with different OEMs, not at any rate on time.

HMD Global actually obtained pure visual access rights from Microsoft two or three months ago, and this may be one reason that the telephone has been postponed. Nokia 9 delayed before the news that HMD Global has obtained the correct view correctly, so the organization has chosen to capture the Nokia 9 rematch with the ultimate goal to make the netview technology realistic in the gadget. The area of ​​PureView innovation is just a puzzle because we do not wind it for a long time Used to catch. The Nokia 808 was an important firm camera telephone at one time, which was the best from there, even though it was years ago, and would intrigue whether the innovation is advanced or not. The Nokia 9 Pure View also includes 6 GB RAM, a large showcase and a large battery, in which the leader's details need to be distributed. It remains to see that the processor will use HMD Global, however, when the telephone ends below officially, then it will depend on it.

Influence: If Nokia 9 Pure View touches the base in January or February one year from now, then it should include a Qualcomm, Snapdragon 8150 or 855 cutting edge lead processor on which Qualcomm chooses the name. This processor will be announced before the end of this current year, and it will likely emerge in the telephone in February. If HMD Global has announced Nokia 9 net view in January with Snapdragon 845, then it will completely talk less than customers because the state-of-the-art chip After this all the leads will be included. HMD Global achieved something comparable this year, however, the organization announced Nokia 8Sirooko with the Snapdragon 835 processor, when its Opposition now used Snapdragon 845. That step did not support HMD Global, so the organization is likely to get it from its previous mix-up, and Nokia 9 will be ready to use the offer of SOC in the state of pure view, yet we can doubt Obviously, at this time by HMD Global Nothing has been confirmed, and whatever we can do, it is to see what will happen in the end.

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