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How can fly over the ceiling ? How can one run upside down on the roof ?

How can fly over the ceiling?

We find many flies around us, it is difficult for us to understand that This pest is so funny. There are many organs of Machi that are unusual, so the organs can be divided into three parts.
The head is in the middle or chest and the lower part of the chest is connected to the forearm 3.

Part is divided into 5 parts, with the last foot in it, Machi runs slowly with the sharp nails that lie in the inside of the claw. The soft cushion below is between the nails. The cushion lies in the lattice. In fact, due to this sticky material, the butterfly is stuck on any surface, it can run on the roof.

  Another unique thing about fly is that it can look differently. On his head there are two big balls like eyes. Each eye is more than 1000 lenses. Each lane divides a portion of the scene seen by the fly. These eyes are called organized eyes. The whole is tactile.
how to can fly over the ceilling
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