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How much gas is left in your cylinder ? how to check this ?

How much gas is left in the gas cylinder ?

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How much gas is left in the cylinder? Do not shake the cylinders

                     Nowadays, people use lacquer gases. There is no definitive idea about how much gas is filled and how empty it is. This is a common disadvantage for troubleshooting. this blog all manage by all education hub team. The one who has used the intellect has been put here. If you are using any company's cooking gas bottle and you want to know how much your bottle is full ?

           Every person wants that the cylinders go as much as possible, so you should also know the tricks to run Know the Right Way-
When you put new cylinders in the house then it goes well.  And in this same hurry, you shake the cylinder a bit, or see if gas remains in it or not. According to the weight of the cylinder, you get an idea of ​​how much gas will be in it, but do you know how much damage is causing you in this way.
This method of measuring gas in the cylinder is quite wrong.

       First take a wet cloth. Let this wet out the bottle of your clothes, let's wet it. Wait a few minutes after the water will turn around. The remaining part will be dry soon enough and the remaining part will look so wet. You will realize immediately that the bottle is full as part of the wet part. 

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          If you have to guess the amount of gas then use wet clothes. Take a wet cloth and turn it around the whole cylinder and then wait for a while. Now in whatever area the cylinder is getting wet, this means the same gas. Seeing the other dry part, understand that the gas is over. So, check the cylinder in the way described above, do not shake the cylinder.

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