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TRAI TV Channel Free Channel List grahakne ne faydo thashe

TRAI TV Channel Free Channel List

TRAI TV Channel Out of 873 channels, more than 500 TV channels are provided by broadcasters on a free-to-air basis. The new framework provides the channels that are provided on a free-to-air (FTA) basis by broadcasters cannot be priced by the distributors. In the previous regime, various distributors (Multi-System Operators/ DTH Service Providers/ HITS or IPTV service providers) were pricing FTA channels.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) declares new rules for cable and DTH operators, it will be affordable to watch TV now. Until now, the cable and DTH operators were unnecessarily robbing unnecessary channels in your channel package, as if you were planning 300 rupees per month, there would be 50-60% of the channels that you do not even see and do not even understand ( Channel with other regional languages). Thus, you have collected overwhelming 50-60% channel prices, which you do not even see.::

TRAI had taken such a revolutionary decision in the telecom sector before taking this historic decision in cable and DTH, which gave the exchange of 1 GB internet data Rs. 150 four years ago. Today, the 3G speed was getting 1 GB internet data 5 Rs. With 4G Speed ​​and also with Unlimited Calling and Message TRAI also benefited customers in the telecom sector by making strict rules and simple, transparent business. After the new rules in the cable and DTH, things have been flowing out that watching TV will be costly, which is totally wrong. Some people make the decision of TRAI's decision to benefit companies, but the fact is that after the new rule of TRAI, Manaramji has lost his company. Cable and DTH companies are protesting and striking against TRAI only to show that the new rule of TRAI is in favor of companies or in favor of companies!

According to the new rules, what is the date of package selection?

● By 31 January the package will have to be selected
● Almost all the cable and DTH operators will now announce their plans
● You can select a plan through operators' website or customer care

Some things to keep in mind when planning a plan

● Select the same plan / channel that you like
● Cable and DTH operators will confuse you to sell their plans but you will be steadfast in your choice rather than buying unnecessary channels so that there is no unnecessary expenditure
● If you see only 20-25 favorite channels, pay only the price of the same favorite channels, rather than taking the package (this price will be cheaper than the package, if the price of most channels decreases)

How can you see TV in free?

● If you have broadband in your home / office and are smart / Android TV then you can watch all the channels through the internet free
● Even if the TV does not have a smart TV, then buy a Android box from the market can make a smart TV (Android box Mi, a company like AMAZON also gets)
● If you have a Geo Phone and TV is too old you can watch TV in Geo TV app by connecting to the TV by taking Geo Media cable.

How much did the channels cut their prices?

● Times Network has reduced the price of 10 of its channels to 40%
● Zee Network has also reduced prices of some of its channels to 10 paisa / month
● TV18, Viacom and ATIn are also priced at 23 channels
● The Sony Network has also reduced their prices to Rs 31 / month, with all the channels in the Sony Network coming up

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