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Where does the hair come from our body ? read this news

Where does the hair come from our body ?

           When you are standing in front of a mirror, you will be wondering where the hair will come from the beautiful hair? Why black and white?

      Child mates have hair on animals as well as we have hair too. Actually these hair is for our protection. The old man had a whole body of hair, but changed with man culture, he started wearing clothes and living in different homes, his hair became less ruby ​​than his body. But the brain in the skull needs more protection, so there is more hair on the head.

          This hair becomes our bodies are found in millions of cells. Every day, few of the cells are destroyed, instead of new ones. The destroyed cells come slowly from the skin holes. These skin holes have hair roots. When it comes out of the root it carries the name of carotene.

         Usually the appearance of small-looking hairs is very surprising. The hair has three parts, this is given in the photo. There are different types of different types of animals and various people of different regions.

The hair of the European people is golden yellow in color. Africa's niggard hair is gullible Men have beard and mustache hair. Some animal hair is darling. By which she can protect herself.

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