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5th to 8th standards can be examined feel

Now students from 5th to 8th standards can be examined. Changes to the rules for not going to scrutinize in the school till the end of eight: Bills pass in the Rajya Sabha: However, a chance to pass will be given for the second time within two months. 4: A major thorn in the road to Modi's government, which has been improving in school education, has recently stopped. The change in policy has not been passed in Parliament due to non-failure of children in school till the eighth. Now students from fifth to eighth grade can be foiled. However, it will be given a chance to pass it before. For this, the examination will be taken again for the second time within two months of the main examination. | Yesterday, the Rajya Sabha also approved free and compulsory child education rights bill - 2019. The Bill passed in the Lok Sabha last year only. In the meantime, this change has been considered necessary to strengthen the education of Central Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar by introducing the Bill of 2019. They said that the quality of education will improve and children will be more interested in education. In this period, the Congress and other parties, including the Congress, They said that this change does not mean that someone is being evicted from school. This change after the demands of parents. Has already been done. The Ministry of Human Resource Development believes that in the present time, the policy of not studying students till the eighth time has gone down to the lowest level in academic quality. 25 states agreed on the proposal put in the meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education. When the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Telangana are against this change. Seeing the opposition of the four states, the state has given full autonomy to the changes in the policy of non-governance. If a state does not agree under it, then it can arrange the examination accordingly. If you get an eighth grade in the school, then you will get the fastest running time of running water.


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