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Regarding the unit test program

No. of Expert / Integration / Unit Test / 20194 299 6: Office of the Director of Primary Education, Block No. 62/1, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gu Ra, Gandhinagar Tue From 01/2019, - District Primary Education Officer, All - Legislature, All Subjects: - Regarding the unit test program. Reference: - Office of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Gandhinagar Letter No: SSA / Qiussell / 2018/42144 - 183 Dt. 15/12/2018 To state the above subject and context, it has been decided to take preliminary examination test of each subject of standard 3 to 8, for therapeutic work of the medicines, and to take the Pariadical Assessment Test (unit test) as part of SCE. In which case the time schedule of the unit test and guide has been sent by the reference letter. District Program Co Ordinator, taluka primary education officer, b. R . C. , C. R . C. , B. R . P. The principals and teachers have been instructed to perform the work. Whose copy is included with this. In addition, all the talukas of your district, primary education officer, education observer, b. R . C. , C. R . C. Co Monitoring of unit test during regular school visit by the ordinator, Block Resource Person shall be monitored. If the unit test is properly taken, it will be necessary to see if the test is properly checked. If the unit test is not properly examined or not properly checked, then that school should be mentioned in the interview. Also, the instruction given by the reference letter will be strictly followed in your district. As well as regular review meetings held at taluka and district level, the review of unit test will be reviewed. Enclosure - Copy of the Letter of Transcript Ra. Gandhinagar

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