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In the above section of the Finance Department: (1) and (2) Ten legislation for the year 21 22 201 Sharmachariran was placed in the previous 2 phase 2 standard for the teachers. Tue 26 Suri II1 Higher pay scale is a standard product, whereas hard salary payers are estimated to be approximately Rs. 4 in camps. 4 - For the first time in the campus, pay a minimum of 6 rupees, seven liter of dry palm. Has been approved and the Department of Finance 8 - The lack of respect for the subject is not taken in Bard. Heavy | | . 18 - 28: 16all vk mlk 5] Gujarat! In the revised pay revision in respect of the revised pay revision in the pay scale of 5 years, the level of payable payable to the payer will be calculated on the basis of the amount payable to the payer at the Ramayada 2 year term. Employees' rights and teachers are advised to file income tax on the salary as per the following estimates: Q: Guzar # va RAWA pay rectification tuberculosis, a date dated 18 / This is a great way to get rid of the damage caused by the injuries shown in Arya C l3 to IM, and if the sentence is correct, then in this case, in the second half of the sentence, it is possible that, (1) 64% in Radha Rail Salary Structure!) 2 - Row (till the rules, rules of 411, which are not included above the level of Sagyakshha, it is applicable to the area not exceeding 8). () (A) Ram you can write: 2 but also 2 std / second after the net [/ tv ll, but whatever Similarly, when there is more than one level of different pay scale, then the strongest vflk. At the lowest point of the world, the level of the matrix is ​​calculated at the level of 5, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, respectively. | Bee! Feet deadly; 17 floors? | | ol hey! In Caro it is al h is a matri ull mala] Occasional Pram or ayur arl2 / 2 nutrition 1 - 2 ki e2 / ki # Whereas, in the Dell atom, unfortunately, in front of Gir 14; "In the case of supplementary surveys, in the case of deposits of a separate pay, the first of the place, the psychological four-pay standard, a. black, black and white. Instead of a debt, the value as specified in the Schedule of the Tender (M laga Hai! G.), (M. 2 ETIR), which is available as M. (V). It does not have to be done in the Finance 1 / h section 4 session - 1194 - 4 - H, 11 - 9 - 4 is the only center of the center of the finger First of all, we have a lot of fun, but we are not sure about it. Let's talk at the highest point of time to get the place of the two; PB-3, according to the J.R.- 15, 4- 1- 546 ± D. Pay Per Mar Percent of Marine Level-10 should be 7. Seven Pay Punch Due to F + TI Supervisor | Level 8 going to Ankki and under the canvas Please note that in the countries that are available in the country, the next pay scale is as follows, the next oil, the oil - 6th Fl 'is back, yes (2! Openings: 3) In accordance with fi rst-18 of the resolution of class I 1 - 4 times Pum formation phase 2 angle pay of 7th salary Poor measurement matrix level Mera - 2 Prednical North pay scale 5 Matrix level Mera - 3 It will be a Papa. (6) Gujarat java va (Feet 2 papa, vamo, jana niyan h - bar is on pi li owner

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