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Written examination of the examiner of cadre

(1) dated 05/02/2019 The final answer key of the written examination and the marks of candidates were declared.

(Ii) Physical examination of the guardian cadre will be held at 6 (six) police grounds of the state from 26/02/1994 to 09/03/1997.

(3) Selected candidates (1) Total marks obtained in written examination (2) Accurate marks for the additional marks (Sports, NCC "C", Raksha Shakti University and widow) by adding the marks to the standards of matriculation (Eight) times candidates are given a list of physical tests. Cut-off marks of the total marks according to the criteria are as follows. (Cut-of-Marks means the last candidate's marks in total marks in that category)

Number of candidates of Marks number of candidates by number of candidates: GENERAL65.002872847.001270340.0077SC58.25346641.00173340.0014ST46.25819040.00185740.003SEBC58.751384040.00536440.0037 Total: 5422421657131

(4) Additional marks of candidates, Sports, NCC "C", Prosperity University, and Widow's certificate have been added. It has been added based on the information provided during online application at the time of advertisement. If the documents of the candidates do not have the certificate as per the time of verification, the added properties will be canceled and the procedure will be according to the rules which will be binding on them all. (Note: The marks of candidates who have filled the online information for certificates for additional marks have been added so that in any case no new application (presentation) will be accepted.

(5) Candidates included in the physical test list as per the above mentioned procedure, click here to see their marks.
(Note: The same marks of the candidates included as per the above mentioned cut are put)

(6) Rechecking applications for verification of written examination marks have been invited from dt 05/02/2019 to 19/02/2016. After scratching, after scrutiny, if the quality of a candidate changes and the marks mentioned above are marks, then those candidates will be included in the physical test and the details will be declared on the website.

(7) CCTV cameras were used during the written examination. Currently all CCTV camera recording checking is in progress. If there is any malpractice in this test, the candidature of the respective candidate will be canceled which will be binding on all. In addition, any candidate in the entire process, if considered to be an irregularity at any stage, their candidature will be canceled.

(8) Admission to physical code can be downloaded on OJAS website from 16.00 pm on Thursday, no. 20/02/2019.


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