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STD 3 TO 5 only 3 subject news . newspape MARCH 2019

The education department has announced guidelines to ease the burden of records from the shoulders of students who are falling under the burden of bag due to the intent of private schools. When the new session is going to begin, the buyers of books, including admission in schools, have also started. Earlier, the education department has also decided on topics taught to children in schools.

If the weight of the student bag is more than the limit of the weight, then the school will be held responsible for it. Apart from this, any school will not be able to start additional topics. Books of these topics will also be of NCRT, NCERT. The District Primary Education Officers from the Primary Education Department have been ordered in this regard. These instructions have to be applied to the District Basic Education Officers in the schools.

This is the new rule of education department

In order to reduce the weight of children's bags in schools, the Education Department has set three parameters upto standard 10. According to the rules, first and second standard students will not be given homework. Children will be taught at school. As well as students who have studied in the first and second standard, only the topics decided will be taught. Which will include language and math. Apart from this, the subjects of language, EVS and math will be taught only from third to fifth standard students. Apart from this, the school can not teach any additional topics.

STD 3 TO 5 only 3 subject news . newspape MARCH 2019news . newspape MARCH 2019 
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