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Standard 1 to 8 of the teaching of SHARIRIK SHIKSHAN , SANGIT  subjects, various educational books have been prepared and the English teacher version of the flag has also been prepared by the teacher to impart education to English language. By using this teacher version the teacher will be in standard three days. One of the efforts of the Government of Gujarat and the primary education department can give effective teaching of English subject Q is selected from the standard 3 Teacher Edition 8

The Government of Gujarat will implement the Education Improvement Program in primary schools, according to which senior sahib is doing the work, it seems that the primary education will be improved and some experiments are being done as part of this and these hazards are good in some places and some are good The reason for this is that instead of getting a bad result, the reason is that if a hazard is taken, then the unit can be found In T-Unit test, you are taking a test as part of the child's continuous and holistic evaluation. It is true and good, but within a suite, the teacher remains confused in such a way that he does not have time to run the remaining course and that is the test of Saturday. Play Again Check It to take Poonam delivery and instruct him and sign the guardian and if the child is absent Again, the Achrochadi gets out of the way of the test, due to which it does not exceed the systematic completion of running the teacher course and now the education of Gujarati language in the standard 3 to 5 of the teaching of education has been prepared and various edu. Teacher's version of the English language flag from standard to teach better We have prepared this teacher version using teacher educator in three days in order to give effective teaching of English subject. It has been an attempt by the Government of Gujarat and the Primary Education Department to educate the educators of the standard version of standard 3 to 8 and to study more about English subjects. They have tried their efforts to make them stronger...

Shikshak Avruti STD 8  CHITRAKALA, SANGIT ,

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