All information Of Graguity in gujarati

All information Of Graguity in gujarati

Happy for Government employees, the state government made this big announcement in the matter of Gratuity

The State Government has announced the importance of government employees in different departments of the Government of Gujarat. Government employees have so far received a graduation of Rs 1 lakh from the state government. An important decision has been taken by the government regarding the amount of graduation of employees of different corporations, corporations and boards. Now government employees will be eligible to get a Gratuity in the limit of 20 lakh instead of 10 lakh.

In this regard, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, "All employees who are eligible for graduation are given a graduation." The limit was up to 1 lakh. As per the guidelines and norms of the Government of India, the Government of Gujarat had decided on 29-3-2018 that the employees of the Government of Gujarat would be eligible to receive a graduation in the limit of 20 lakhs instead of 10 lakhs. It was presented to the state government and to me by the employees of the boards, corporations, corporations and other institutions of the Gujarat government that the government should increase the limit of our Gratuity.

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