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GSRTC Bus Conductor recruitment online form START

GSRTC Bus Conductor recruitment online form START

1) The above will have the exclusive right to regulate the difficulty of the areas indicated in the above.
2) Candidate online application form after obtaining a print out of it and saving it to her.
Keep applying. When asked to submit an application form by the nominee, it may be necessary to bring it up suddenly.
3) Army requirements as required for recruitment of vacancies in the above mentioned areas as well as
New lifestyle is done keeping in mind, so as the nominee suggests,
Selection / Waiting Candidate will proceed to issue a nominating nomination.
4) Regarding the policy and fixed percentage of the roster method in reserved areas indicated on the ground

The modest right to change / amend will remain unaltered.
5) If the candidate has filled more than one application form in this category, the candidate who has filled in the final application form
The same will be considered and the remaining applications will be automatically canceled, which will be rejected.
Cannot resolve any conflicts.
6) In case of any candidate, more than one application form is filled and the allergy application form has its own name /
Names and attributions of measurements / spells may be misstacked or space-alerted to be enrolled.
More than one collateral against more than one application in the same candidate.
There will be a written examination in time to meet the IUD. The names of IDProfu from Prafu
Only the correct information collector will be eligible to take the test. Prafu Maju B application form
No exams will be allowed if there is any delay in the condition.
7) Candidates who have received this undisclosed degree will be merit at any Depot of any form of construction.
The nominees will be given the choice of the preferred place and they will be the nominees of the nominees.
As a result, they have at least five (five) classes of duty at the Navarbha of the nominees.
Will not be eligible for inter-collegiate transfers during this period and
There will be an infinite right to change for administrative reasons. It may not be at the time of appointment
Cannot claim to be a nominee in his hometown or other district.
8) Reviewing the nominee's candidature during his / her job as he / she is also employed.
And will only be operated for the rest of the time if the work is found to be satisfactory.
9) Regarding the direct recruitment, the candidates who are eligible for the post-election procedure also have rules and regulations.
The guard may apply, and they will be a direct recruitment candidate.
10) Under the Resolution of the Government dated 3/5/2, the labor is made available for the candidates belonging to the post.
33% of the vacancies will be reserved
 GSRTC Bus Conductor recruitment online form START
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