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 This blog is important documents and circullar .I create you tube channel for online help who needs it. there are many of skills have different teacher. i like them and future i call them to lead out much more and guide other for help. my motto to reach poor children to help give better education than well settled persons children. i tried my better for everytime to help my teacher friends and help them

All the issues related to the Solution and Education of different tests that took place during 2019 will be put on our blog every day, for all those involved in education are kindly requested to visit our blog every day so that you can be aware of current trends in the education world and make it possible for you We will try to help us.Bhashadip 5th week Solution CLICK HERE

You will get daily education information in this website ..
In which competitive exams model papers, results of all exams and any news it takes will be found at our website www.paripatra.xyz 6th samajik vigyan unit test question paper, 6th maths unit test question paper english medium, 8th maths unit test question paper 2019, 8th maths unit test question paper 2019, construction of unit test, chapter wise test papers for class 3 TO 5 maths, importance of unit test in teaching,

SS unit test papers solution semester 2 primary school 2019

  1.  ekam kasoti (30/11/19) Paper Solution std 3to 8 CLICK HERE
  2.  PUNAH KASOTI 30/11/19     CLICK HERE 
  3.  ekam kasoti (07/12/19) Paper Solution std 3to 8    CLICK HERE
  4.  Punah Kasoti 07/12/19    CLICK HERE
  5.  ekam kasoti (14/12/19) Paper Solution   CLICK HERE
  6.  Punah Kasoti 14/12/19   CLICK HERE
  7.  ekam kasoti (21/12/19) Paper Solution   CLICK HERE
  8.   Punah Kasoti 21/12/19 CLICK HERE

     ↣ Bhashadip First, second, third , 4th week Solution CLICK HERE
    1. kasotinu dhora pramane alag Timetable   CLICK HERE
    2. Kasoti New Gun Patrak (Unit test Marksheet) pdf CLICK HERE

     ↣ Whatsapp Gruap   CLICK HERE

    technically issue solutions. I thankful for all friends who listen me, react me well. There are many time of us spend in online working as students present and reporting and periodic test. I will give important all about information our system and more. This blog provide you

     PDF, CIRCULAR , VIDEOS , INNOVATIONS and much more.

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