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Jamnagar District Primary School Marge Babat Paripatra and Marge School List.

Jamnagar District Primary School Marge Babat Paripatra and Marge School List.
                      Requests and responds to the request Teacher gives students what is it? Students will get answers to such questions. Then verify the location of the item where is it? It will ask questions such as location, time, number of items and make rehearsals. WHE, WHEN, WHEN, WHAT, HOW MANY to ask information and answer questions. The teacher will present to the students a characteristic performance in which the English language is used and dramatize the short dialogues / stories associated with the students. Communicates in a familiar situation. Dialogues to engage in various situations The teacher will call the students the names of the object / place / object etc. in their familiar area in English and tell them how it is used in practice.

Appendix given at the end of the textbook The teacher will draw the Family Tree and accordingly introduce the family of one person and the students will try to introduce it as well. provides a general introduction to family members, teachers, friends and acquaintances. The teacher should point out the objects in the classroom. The teacher will speak a sentence, keeping a textbook on the bench. Similarly, using local words such as under, in, behind, near will create different situations and point the objects to the students. indicates the location and locations of objects. Teachers 'yesterday' and 'today'; Displays two different events on the board together using time words such as 'now' and 'before'. Students will understand these events and separate them. The teacher will talk about the students who were absent yesterday and present today in the classroom. separates details of current and past events.

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Jamnagar District Primary School Marge Babat Paripatra and Marge School List.

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The teacher will give students insight into the color, size, shape, number, etc. of various items in the classroom as well as test students' understanding using inversion questions.
Students will be asked to speak about color, size, shape, number of items collected. The teacher will show the students a description of the picture through There is / There are and give sufficient rehearsals and then the students will make sentences using There is / There are. The teacher will introduce the rhythm that is followed by the syllable words. Children will advance the unfinished rhyme presented on the basis of pictures, actions and words.

                     The verb corresponding to the name furthers the rhymes using suggestive words. Jamnagar District Primary School Marge Babat Paripatra and Marge School List.

The teacher will tell the students about Mafatlal's egg in the textbook, followed by a fictional event or event of the same Parker by means of questions and lead the students towards the corresponding end.

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