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Annual Examination in Classes 1 to 8 is coming up in March 2020 when all the different types of result forms of the standard are to be prepared. In such a result sheet

Results sheet A

Results B

Results C

Different results are to be made, such as the results.

Results - A

Result sheet - A has to evaluate how the academic work performed within the classroom. That is, how the child receives the education the teacher provides during the year, the teacher has to continue the assessment throughout the year, and fill in this evaluation sheet. That is, this evaluation sheet is also called a continuous and inclusive evaluation sheet. Result Sheet - The marks written by the Assessors throughout the year are calculated within the Annual Examination. In short it can be said that if you want to know what education a child is getting throughout the year, the result sheet can be known from it. This result sheet is to be filled in by the A teacher. What is placed on our website we hope that this result sheet - A placed on our website will be useful to you.

Results - B
The result of the letter B is to mention the qualities of the child's personality development. That is, personality development has to be considered and multiplied. During the year, the child has to monitor and evaluate the cleanliness of the school, various cultural programs within the school, the participation of the child in the school, physical cleanliness, as well as the homework provided within the class.

Results sheet C
The annual test results in the schools are prepared by the C teachers. Based on the results of annual exam-C, the class promotion of the child is decided. So the result of this annual exam is placed on the C-C website. All the leaflets of this result-C are to be forthcoming .All types of assessment procedures for the child are to be filled within the Result-C. The marks of Result-A, Result-B, etc. are also within the final result-C of the year and on the basis of this result-C, its class promotion and its marksheet are also prepared. You can also print out, and get guidance from them and prepare your way. We hope that the result-c placed on our
website will be useful to you.

Annual Examination Results "C" in Classes 3 to 8

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