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World Women's Day Self-Defense Training Paripra

World Women's Day Self-Defense Training Paripra

World Women's Day Self-Defense Training

8th March 2020 March Women's Day.

Regarding the above mentioned subject, on the 1st of March, 2020, on the occasion of Women's Day, the entire program of self-defense training of all girls of all the government schools of the state is to be organized for which a program of District Taluka Cluster has been organized accordingly.
Meeting at the district level has been provided by district members and district police departments and district agencies. It convened a meeting in joint venture to organize a head-to-head work related to district level at the district level.

8 march Vishva Mahila Divas
mahilaon ne rakshan talim aayojan

On the occasion of World Women's Day, primary schools have organized self-defense training for the working women. At present, women are making progress in every field. Now is the time for women to be able to protect themselves, that is, to protect themselves. Women's protection as per the current period.

World Women's Day, various activities of women are celebrated in the world. World Women Day is celebrated in different ways around the world. Then our Government of India and the Government of Gujarat have also announced various programs for World Women Day. As part of this, women working in Gujarati primary schools are getting self defense training. The world is getting self defense training on the 5th of March. The World Women's Day for Women to Give Patio is a day when the government has made an excellent effort to celebrate achievements by organizing self-defense training for women.

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World Women's Day Self-Defense Training Paripra 8th March 2020 March Women's Day.

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