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Emobiledates is educational website of Gujarat. Creativity Creativity is a blessing bestowed on human beings. At some point in life a person creates something. Creativity expresses the inner feelings of human beings. A person manifests his creativity by speaking or writing or composing something. Making every student a writer or a poet is not our goal and it is not even possible. But one of the goals of language learning is to show some creativity according to one's inner strength. Furthermore, we all know that the student is not a consumer of knowledge, but a creator of knowledge. Students can be given the opportunity to be creative by conducting innovative activities at the school level. Students' creative activities can be nurtured, especially through writing activities such as descriptive prose writing, reports, poetry.

            Practical Application This goal is also emphasized in our new textbooks. Even after getting a complete formal education in any subject, it is useless if the student cannot put into practice what he has learned. We know that the main function of language is to exchange ideas. Our lives are run by language. Even an illiterate person does his job by using language. But they have limited words and limited knowledge of the language. After learning and understanding the language properly, a person becomes successful by using it better. Participating in various arts, mime role-play, anting, etc. develops the art of practical application of the student's language.

The language teacher should make sincere efforts to make the students assimilate the language through various techniques so that the students become proficient in practical application. 5. Rational Thinking As we have seen before, language is an excellent tool for expressing ideas. Everyone thinks, can think. As well as about everyday events, occasions, situations, speculations or reactions ‘Why did this happen? ',' Why did this tragedy happen? What should I do in this situation? Such arguments are made by a person. Seen in this way, logical thinking is a more important skill. Which not only affects the language but also the intellectual capacity of the person. While teaching language as a teacher, we should conduct activities keeping in view the age of the students through which the curiosity of the student - curiosity - imagination, perception etc. is liberalized and they are able to reason fundamentally. Thanks for visiting our website emobiledates.

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