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The standard five WEEKLY material is posted on our website. Standard 5 electricity can be obtained by MATERIAL primary school children.

The Gujarat Primary Education Department has conducted a commendable experiment to provide education to primary school children even in the event of lockdown. In which weekly lessons are given every Saturday. A similar weekly material for standard three has been released today by the education department. To promote this, our website also has a standard three link.

Currently, children are given holidays in primary schools within Corona. There are various efforts of the state government to ensure that the children get education at home. As part of this, a few days ago, the book of the unit test and language book has been delivered to the children at the children's house. An attempt was made to re-write and re-write the material in which various tests and language materials were written.

On March 28, 2020, a new circular has been issued in primary school to ensure that children who are currently holidaying get education. In this regard, the Department of Education has made efforts to ensure that children get education materials at home. So, an attempt is being made to prepare the weekly study material. The CRCCO-Coordinator as well as the BRC Co-ordinator have created a whatsapp group to try to convey that information. Through this study material various efforts are being taken by the education department of the state government to ensure that children get education at home and continue their education work. Now a new experiment to deliver the weekly study material to the children has been undertaken. Its circular date is 1st March 2020. Has been done by Bharti.


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