Medical Reimbursement, Higher Assistance and out state tour totaly Information update SAS website

Medical Reimbursement, Higher Assistance and out state tour totaly Information  update SAS website

Out state tour totaly Information  update SAS website

Subject: - Medical Reimbursement, Higher Assistance, Information posted on SAS website for the purpose of guidance on preparation of out-of-state travel approval proposal. Regarding the above subject matter, stating that, on your behalf,  Proposals are coming.  Most of these proposals are sent back for fulfillment as they do not have all the required documents.  This wastes time, money and human hours and the applicant does not get justice in time.  To avoid this situation, why prepare a proposal for medical reimbursement, higher assistance, out-of-state travel approval on sAs website?  Their complete information is enclosed with the required resolution as well as the required prescribed specimen such as affidavit of the prescribed specimen etc.  Whose print can be obtained from the website.  This information is posted on DPE Official in on the website.  All the necessary information is available on the website.  As you all know, SAS website is being used in all the schools of the state at present so that at the school level every teacher should study the provisions of the resolution himself, get the required specimens printed and prepare the proposal properly  Report this matter from your level.

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Due to lack of understanding or lack of information among the primary teachers on various issues like medical, higher aid and out-of-state travel in the primary schools of Gujarat, the research of the above subjects was not done properly. That is why the Gujarat Primary Education Department has now updated the information on the SAS website on how to proceed with the legal process on all these issues. The Department of Primary Education has posted a sample document on the SAS website to get information from this updated document and to know what to process for the above issue.

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