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Smart School - Study and Learn Learning App

Primary School samay ferfar babat. Junagadh District Paripatra.

Primary School samay ferfar babat

SmartSchool - Study & Learn Learning App
this is India's Best CBSE, ICSE, State Boards Primary School Syllabu mapped Learning App for KG to 12th class Students. Study’n’Learn Learning App have Community of around 5,00,000+ Students  & 200+ Schools download.

96% Parents noticed an overall increase in their children’s performance after using studynlearn learning and studymaterials app. Our Educational Digital Content has been created by India’s best teachers, using the technology of visualization.

Learn - Concepts are explained by using state of the art technology for visualization. Our Content Makes boring concepts come alive through 2D & 3D Animation, visual learning techniques & Gamification.

Primary School samay ferfar babat. Junagadh District Paripatra.
Junagadh District Paripatra

Analyse - Our Learning App works on a deep analysis based on customized tests & your learning processes. This is the most important feature for every parent as here parents can easily analyse their child’s performance & plan to improve their performance.

Revision - Studynlearn learning app contains interactive revision tool, which are mapped as per the school curriculum and is the best last minute study tool for your child. With its vivid graphics and intuitiveness, the tools makes the revision time relaxing for the child.

Test - “Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect”. Tests are into the form of MCQ’s & completely customized to the your syllabus, so you can check your skills regularly with dedicated mentor support provided by Smarts chool Team.

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