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TODAYS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT BETHAK NEWS, teacher related useful today news
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teacher related useful today news


                              Like meena did her homework. I will go to Bhuj yesterday. The children will do her instead of his in the first sentence above and tomorrow instead of yesterday in the second sentence. The teacher will present the story / event. The student will be asked questions about the character in the context of the story. The story will be presented in a dramatic way in the form of dialogue. Will organize the story in chronological order. Graph and map details will be heard. Details will be identified. Will ask to categorize the details in the group.

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  • 25/06/2020 ni bethak ange no Pramukh shree rajya prathmik sixak Sangh no audio clip message.


The teacher will play various games for vocabulary like bingo, word chain, add on. Dictionary activities will be done where necessary. Use new and learned words found in a dictionary in a sentence. Conduct other activities using the dictionary.

The teacher will introduce you by showing photos of great people. Students will be asked to introduce themselves using the same photo. Students will do activities in pairs. In this way you can also ask to introduce various professionals, friends, second class students. The teacher will divide the children into groups and present the events happening in the school in English. Such as.. prayer meeting, sports, celebration of different days, cultural activities etc.

The teacher will make the student read the words with the same pronunciation. Such as. kite, right: why, I, buy. Alliteration activity can also be done. Like. nayna reads the Ramayan. She sells seashell at the sea shore.

The teacher will tell the story to the student first. The characters in the story will be introduced by the teacher who is telling the story himself. The story of the remaining characters will be presented by the students. In addition, the characters, place, time, event, etc. within it can be changed.

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