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New Syllabus std 9 to 12 in Gujarat by Gujarat Education bord 2020 pdf

RSMA: New Syllabus National Secondary Education STD 9 to 12

providing supplementary literature (exemplar) for students from 9th to 12th.
According to the above subject, due to the current Koro epidemic, it is not possible to start educational work by calling students in schools. Therefore, students are being imparted home based education through various mediums under home learning program.

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std 9 new syllabus gujarat board 2020

In the current situation, if students are given supplementary literature along with the textbook, students can stay at home and practice more. Soft copy of supplementary literature (Exemplar) of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics subject in Std-9 and 10 Mathematics-Science subjects and Std-11 and 12 Science streams prepared by Gujarat State School Textbook Board, Gandhinagar for this purpose. In PDF format which is sent by the office here on the first Saturday of every month as per the syllabus of that month. The research is accompanied by a soft copy (PDF) of the October Supplementary Literature (Example) attached.

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std 10 new syllabus gujarat board 2020

New Syllabus National Secondary Education Gujarat STD 9 to 12

Through teachers Std. 9 and 10 and Std. 11 and 12 (science stream) students are asked to deliver. Students are asked to make necessary arrangements at your level to ensure proper guidance on the use of this literature.

Responsibility for the expansion of public and distance learning will be undertaken, especially for those who cannot pursue full-time secondary education and for the addition / growth of oral instruction. The system will also play an important role in the education of out-of-school children.

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std 11 new syllabus gujarat board 2020

Institutional reforms and strengthening of resource institutions Subject: - Matter of sending the details of the revised syllabus of Std. 9 to 12 for the academic year 2020-21. 

 Reference: - As per the approval of the Government obtained on the single file here. According to the above subject and context, in the current situation of Kovid-12, direct educational work has not been possible by inviting students to schools. As per the guidelines of the Government, the educational work of the students is going on through 'Home Learning'. In order to reduce the stress of students in the current situation, as per the approval received from the Government, for all the secondary and higher secondary schools recognized by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, only in the academic year 2020-21, the syllabus of Std. Is performed . 

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std 12 new syllabus gujarat board 2020

The questions of the subjects of Std. 9th to 12th subjects which have been canceled from the syllabus for the current year should not be asked in the school as well as in the board examination, but the academic knowledge of these issues should be imparted to the students by the schools. So as not to harm the students academically in the future. The above details are requested to be sent to all government, grant-in-aid as well as self-reliant secondary and higher secondary schools under your jurisdiction.

To ensure that all children pursuing secondary education get a good quality education. Achieving the above objectives will also describe the real progress towards public school system in other subjects.
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