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9th Uchhtar pagar dhoran arji karva babat Paripatra

9th pratham uchchatar pagar dhoran, 4200 pay arji

9th Uchhtar pagar dhoran arji karva babat Santalpur Paripatra

 Office of Taluka Primary Education Officer At. Varahi Ta. Santalpur Ta. Per Head Teacher Shri Tamam Pvt.  School Date: -Santalpur Dist. Patan (Salary Center School Date: Santalpur)  To inform the above subject research that consecutive job counts 9th Higher Salary Standard Teacher.

Recruitment Year 2010 and 2011 proposals have to be solicited, then teachers who have received consecutive job orders have to prepare 9 Higher Salary Standard Proposal in their own pay center school in 7 days.  Four) to be submitted in copy And the Pay Center will have to scrutinize the proposal of the schools under its jurisdiction, compile the information and send it here after receiving the instruction from the office here. 4200 grade pay salang nokari ganva babate letter. pratham uchchatar pagar dhoran 9


The following supporting proofs are asked to be co-proposed: 

 pratham uchchatar pagar dhoran 9  Checklist, Proposals to be downloaded. (Copy of Appointment Order and Present Report (2) Copy of Full Pay Order, Copy of Seventh Pay Commission Order (6) Subsequent Job Order  Copy CCC Exam Certified Copy of Matt (Notification and Marksheet) (8) Hindi Subject Passed Marksheet Certified Copy of Hindi Mukti Aadesh, School Certificate of Deduction of Holiday Matters.

9 grade pay Darkhast

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Annual increment calculation sheet writing of increment till July 2020 Important Notice.

 (1) Proposal shall be submitted in total copy at Pekendra.  With all the supporting evidence shown)  pratham uchchatar pagar dhoran 9

(2) Pekendra School will have to collect the information of Exel sheet teachers from year to year and send a soft copy of the same to the office here.  Lug - A separate form should be filled and attached to the proposal.  

(3) In all the proposals made at school level, the proposal along with the supporting evidence mentioned above should be sent to the Pay Center only after completion. 9th pratham uchchatar pagar dhoran.

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