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Covid 19 Kamgiri nu Mahentanu Apva Babate Paripatra.

Covid 19 Kamgiri nu Mahentanu Apva Babate Paripatra. Covid mahentanu dar 2021

     Regarding the payment of remuneration for the work done by the teachers of this office under Covid-19.

Covid 19 Kamgiri nu Mahentanu Apva Babate Paripatra Ahmedabad.

         The novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has recently been declared a global epidemic by the WHO.  In this regard, the teachers of District Panchayat Education Committee, City of Ahmedabad, Daskoi, Sanand and Bavala talukas were handed over to AMUCO for carrying out various activities under Covid-19.  

        In order to pay the remuneration money to the teachers, the work done by these teachers has to be sent monthwise as per the attached forms.  This information is to be prepared and sent in hardcopy and softcopy to the office email here through you at night.  So that the payment process can be completed quickly.

Download full GR Please Click Below Link.

Covid 19 Mahentana Babate Ahemdabad District Circular

     Compliments, in accordance with the above subject and the corresponding letters, to inform you that under the Covid-19, the duty of various Covid-19 has been performed by the teachers in your office, according to which Hon.  Mun.  As per the approval received from the Commissioner, Ahmedabad city, Rs.  150 / - has to be paid as honorarium.


       Pursuant to which the above mentioned letters have been sent to the office here by your office.  File respect for paying honorarium to teachers as per the above letters.

Download Full GR for COVID 19 :- CLICK HERE

 Chief Accountant, Finance Department, Ahmedabad Mun.  In addition to requesting additional grants from the corporation, the finance department has also sought information from the teachers in the office of Aapshri along with the said letters as per the forms attached herewith. 

 It is requested to prepare the above information in hardcopy and softcopy and send it to the email address of the office here immediately.  So that their payment process can be completed quickly.

The teacher should give the students an understanding of the use of the dictionary, explain the rules of spelling, practical grammar. The teacher will encourage the child to do the same in the prayer meeting with the gestures of children's stories and motivational events. 

The teacher will encourage students to share experiences gained during travel, visits and various project work. The teacher will ask questions about an incident and encourage the children to answer it

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