School Accreditation mate SI mulakat Related Paripatra and news.

School Accreditation mate SI mulakat news 2021

Subject: Matter of keeping 100% teachers present in the school concerned on the day of school accreditation. 

Reference: Hon'ble Secretary's instruction to state that as per the above subject and context, Ta.  The schools which are pending school accreditation from 01/02/2011 will be visited by the schools...  GCERT provides information on which school will be visited on which day.  All of you will be given in advance by Gandhinagar.  Accordingly, instruction is given to all the schools immediately to ensure that 100% staff of the school is present on the day of the school accreditation visit.

Matter of keeping 100% teachers present in the school concerned on the day of school accreditation.

The teacher will make the students visit public places and institutions and create a situation where they get information through quiz. Students will have the opportunity to present their thoughts and experiences and opinions in the prayer meeting and in the classroom. Encourage children to use vocabulary to introduce new things in the prayer meeting. Students will have to read newspapers and magazines.

School Accreditation

Finding synonyms, antonyms, nouns, adjectives, etc. from the unit at the end of the unit. The teacher measures the students' decision making by creating a specific situation. 

શિક્ષક ગ્રુપ ALL EDU HUB 👇🏼 માં જોડાવા માટે
What do you do at the time of an accident ? In a confusing situation like ‘What do you do if the lights go out in your house? Do such group discussions. At the end of the unit the teacher questions the students. The teacher assigns the task by forming various committees of students. 


Prayer Committee, Lunch Committee Teacher asks thought-provoking questions to students. To recite the motto of poetry.

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