Whatsapp Vs Sandes Indian App India soon Made in India messaging app Sandes.

WhatsApp to launch 'Tadipar!'  In India soon Made in India messaging app Sandes

 Testing of Sandes App developed in India is underway, will be equipped with these features to compete with WhatsApp

 Testing of the Sandes App developed in India is underway, it will be equipped with these features to compete with WhatsApp.

  ‘Sandes’, an Indian alternative to WhatsApp messaging service, may soon hit India.  According to the report, its testing has been started by government officials.  The Indian government said last year that the app was ready and is currently in the testing phase, and is almost ready.  According to the information received, initially it will be used only by government officials, and soon it will be made available to all.

 ‘Sandes’, an Indian alternative to WhatsApp messaging service, may soon hit India. 

 However, there is no information about rolling out the app in India, but if you go to the gims.gov.in page you can see ‘Sandes’.  This app comes with all the features that are offered in any Instant Messaging App.  It will allow users to use features like voice and data.

Whatsapp Vs Sandes Indian App

 The backend of the app is handled by the National Information Science Center, a branch of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.  It will reportedly be made available for both Android and iOS platforms.  If users try to sign in to the app via LDAP, sign in from OTP, and sign in via Sandes Web, they will receive a pop-up stating that this authentication method is applicable to authorized government officials.

For information, last month the government spoke of withdrawing changes to its service and privacy policy from the instant messaging app WhatsApp, which was being done exclusively for Indian users.

Government crackdown on WhatsApp

 The Center had told the Delhi High Court that the separate treatment of Indian and European users by WhatsApp over its privacy policy was a matter of concern.  WhatsApp was supposed to implement its new policy from February 8, but later extended it to May 15.  WhatsApp clarified that Facebook and WhatsApp users cannot see the end conversations, they are secure and protected by end-to-end encryption.

આ એપ વિશે ગુજરાતી માં જાણવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો.

What is the difference between broadcast message and group message ?

Broadcast Message option can be used for sending a message to multiple contacts at the. www.gims.gov.in/dash

same time. Broadcast list can be created from the contact list. Group message is a message posted in a group.

Can I delete a group that I created ?

Yes, the owner can delete a group using the Disperse Group option. User should select the 

group and soft press on the group name at the top. User can then tap on option  and press ‘Yes’ when App asks for confirmation to delete the group. After 

dispersion, no member including the owner would be able to send/receive any messages on the group.

How can I mute notification sound in a particular group ?

➢ Go to the particular group chat window whose notification sound you want to mute

➢ Tap the ⋮ from the top right-hand side 

➢ Select the Mute Notification sound option.

This will mute all notification sounds for this particular group.

I wish to clear my entire conversation for a particular group. How can I clear my entire message window for this group ?

➢ Go to the message window of the particular group

➢ Tap the ⋮ from the top right-hand side and select the Clear conversation option.

This will just clear the message window for the user and will not impact other group members belonging to the group. The other group members will continue to view all the prior messages existing in the group message window as earlier.

Whatsapp Vs Sandes Indian App

 I want to share a file on group. How can I do so? What types of files can I share?

The file sharing option on group chat window is same as that available on individual chat basis. Refer File Sharing for details.

Government Website Link:- https://www.gims.gov.in/dash/dlink

Why did the colour of my group title change to red ?

If an unverified user is added to an official group, then the colour of the group will be 

changed to red to indicate to other members about the presence of unverified member.

You may see the unverified user in the list of Group members with the name of such member appearing in red colour.

The colour of group title was showing red but has now changed. Why ?

If the group previously had unverified members but either all the unverified members have 

left the group or all of them have been removed from the group, then the group colour will. change to indicate that this is an official group without any presence of unverified members.

I want to reply to a message on group chat window to the sender in private without 

showing my message to all members of group. Can I do so ?

GIMS provides option to reply to a message in private to the sender of the message/file. 

User can select the messages/files received on whom he wants to reply in private by long.

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Whatsapp Vs Sandes Indian App India soon Made in India messaging app Sandes.
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