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District (Jilla) Fair Aras - Paras Badli

District (Jilla) Fair Aras - Paras Badli

District Fair Aras - Paras Badli (March 2011)

District Panchayat Education Committee Banaskantha, Palanpur District Panchayat Education Committee, Banaskantha -

Primary teachers on duty under Palanpur who As 5 (five) years are coming to an end on 31/05/2011, accepting the applications of Teoshri till 31/04/2071, issue no. Checked as per 1 to 5 and also the resolution of the education department of the government dated. 7/08/2018 Only the proposals of the teachers who are eligible as per 07/02/2018 and 08/04/2018 along with the consent form of the prescribed form along with the certificate are asked to be submitted by this office on 05/06/2011 as per the instruction.


1 Primary teachers will have to be informed of the reciprocal transfer by a separate letter from your level.

 2 Education Department Gujarat State Gandhinagar's Resolution Chapter dated 6/7/2018 and 6/5/18 Chapter-4 / 6-8 and Dated 7/8/2018 taking into consideration the amended provisions at the taluka level of reciprocal district transfer on 31st. After checking the applications accepted till 5/207 as per the rules, only the proposals of the eligible teachers will have to be listed in the above form by the office here on 7/8/2018 and its hard copy and soft copy will have to be presented in person.

 3 The above list should be made and sent only in LMG Arun font and the date in Aerial font.

જિલ્લલાફેર અરસપરસ બદલી પરિપત્ર બનાસકાંંઠા 12/3/2021
 In case of 5 female employees, if they want to be transferred to the district of Sasari, they have to submit the certificate of registration of their marriage as well as the ancillary proof of husband's homeland.

 6 If the primary teacher from this district is currently on duty under online transfer / other transfer order as well as other transfer orders, the application has to be accepted only after confirming that he is present at the changed place.

 7 Taluka Primary Education Officer will have to submit the certificate of issue no. 6/7 in the application for list of district re-transfer and in the list.

Details of submission of Aras-Paras District Transfer Applications (March-2021) at the following taluka wise district level. 1 ૮ 2 ૩ Date: 05/02/2071 Time: 11:00 Amirgarh. Danta Dantiwada Deodar Lakhni Vive Suigam ૯ 10 11 Date: 05/02/2011 Time: 12:00 Kankrej Bhabhar Palanpur Tharad Deesa Dhanera Vadgam 3 ૫ 12, ૬ 12 13

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