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National Education Policy 2020 Relatd Mitting in Gujarat

New education Policy About in gujarat.

Welcome to www.Emobiledates.com   At the end of Std. 3, std 5 and std 8, for children, like Std. 10 and 12, examinations are organized from the state level.  Accordingly, the responsibility for conducting examinations at the end of Std. 3, 5 and 8 should be given to the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar under the coordination of GCERT as well as Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

Date of Education Department  Regarding the resolution of 12/02/2020, students of all government and private schools will take part in this common examination.  (Implementation - State Examination Board) The formation of Special Education Zones (SEZs) to enhance high quality educational opportunities in deprived areas of the State as per NEP 2020 Issue Order (6.6) as well as the talents and interests of specially talented and gifted students of the State  Arrangements for identification and nurturing are suggested in the policy.  
New Education Policy 2020 in Gujarati PDF Download

New Education Policy 2019 in Gujarati Pdf

NEP 2020 in Gujarati PDF Download Official Curricular.

New Education Policy 2020 Pdf in Gujarati language

Npe 2020 In gujarati For Gujarat primary and high school. 

New Education Policy in Gujarati Pdf

Which state is to be the first state in India to implement NEP 2020

First state to implement new Education Policy 2020

The four-part National Education Policy includes schooling education 'Other key areas of focus' (Part III) like course , promotion of Indian languages and online education; And, Making it '(Part IV), which discusses the implementation of the policy.

Navi Shixan Niti 2020 Related Important News.

The policy seeks to restructure the varsity curriculum and education during a new '5 + 3 + 3 + 4' design, to form school education relevant to the requirements and interests of learners at various development stages - a 'foundational stage' ( Five) years), a 'preliminary stage' (three years), a 'middle stage' (three years) and a 'higher stage' (covering four years, grades nine.

It aims to realize 'universal basic literacy and numeracy' found in primary schools by 2025. For this, the Ministry of Human Resource Development will establish a National Mission on Founder Literacy and Numerology.

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This research has been unanimously approved by the members of the Task Force as the above matters are covered in the proposed Schools of Excellence project in the state.  Therefore, under the School Of Excellence (SoE) project in the state, residential schools containing students of Std. 6 to 12 should be allowed to start.  The SoE will cover an estimated 1 lakh children from 33 districts with a total of 3000 children per school.  For this, high quality and experienced teachers will be appointed on contract basis.

 Implementation - Department of Education, Office of the Director General of Education, Office of the Director of Primary Education, Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Office of the Director of Schools) Mathematics and Science subjects are compulsory for students at the secondary level in the state at present.

After completing this course at the end of standard 10, most of the children turn to general stream besides science stream as well as other vocational courses or LAO.  Mathematics taught at the secondary level for these students.
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