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Entry status of Nidan Kasoti 01/04/2021

Entry status of Nidan Kasoti  01/04/2021

Percentage of scanning marks of Nidan Kasoti  01/04/2021

Corona epidemic Mo Gujarat Primary Education Department had planned to take diagnostic test of children.

Diagnosis test of children in primary schools has been done. The process of scanning the marks of the diagnostic test by the teachers is going on at present, the information about the progress of this process has been posted on our website.

Nidan Kasoti File PDF 

Giving papers of children's diagnostic test.

After checking the papers of the diagnostic test, now the work of getting the marks obtained by the children online is going on. Teacher-student can get guidance from it or each teacher-principal can check the PDF file and see what percentage of work has been done in his district or taluka.

નિદાન કસોટી ગુણ સ્કેન ઓટો પત્રક Download

Entry status has been sent to the district / taluka / school wise, dated 1/04/2021_04: 00 PM of Std.

In the district / taluka / school where this operation is going on slowly, follow up from your level and give instructions to complete the scanning process quickly.
Entry status of Nidan Kasoti  01/04/2021
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