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School textbooks directly delivery to school level

School textbooks directly delivery to school level

 Subject: - Regarding delivery of school textbooks directly to school level instead of taluka level

Hon'ble Sahebshree,

Jayabharat co. But our demand is to be delivered directly to the school level instead of the taluka level. The cost of transporting the textbooks from the taluka to the school after reaching the taluka level is also not paid by the textbook board and the school principal or teachers have to bear the cost. These expenses have not been paid for the last two years. Therefore, it is requested from your level that the textbook board should deliver the books to the school level or arrange for the expenses from the contingency or other grant for the cost of delivery from the taluka to the school. The matter has been raised for the last two years but no decision has been taken. If no decision is taken this time, the teachers will boycott the books. Yours faithfully

Important Representations by Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union.

Matter of delivering textbooks directly to school level instead of taluka level or boycott of taking books

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School textbooks directly to school level

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