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Central employees are expected to get DA, TA, CA, arrears and promotions from next month.

Central employees are expected to get DA, TA, CA, arrears and promotions from next month.

Central employees are expected to get DA, TA, CA, arrears and promotions from july 2021.

 The employees' appraisal window is open till the end of June, in which they have to fill in a self-assessment.  Apart from this, dearness allowance will also start being received from July.  All employees will be paid a total of three installments of Dearness Allowance (DA).

  • તમામ કર્મચારીઓને મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા (DA) નાં કુલ ત્રણ હપ્તાની પણ ચૂકવણી થશે.

 This will also include increases of 1 January 2020, 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021.  The new allowance is to be implemented from July 1, 2021 by revising the old allowance.  In addition to DA, Travel Allowance and City Allowance can also be increased.  Apart from this there are many other expectations.  In a nutshell, understand that there is going to be a bumper increase in the salaries of central employees in July.

 What percentage can DA increase ?

Expenditure Allowance (DA) for central employees is expected to increase by 4%.  Central government employees are currently receiving a Dairy Allowance (DA increase) of 17%

  • 1st જાન્યુઆરી 2020, 1st જુલાઈ 2020 અને 1st જાન્યુઆરી 2021 નાં વધારોનો પણ સમાવેશ થશે. જુના ભથ્થાને સુધારીને 1 જુલાઈ 2021 થી નવું ભથ્થું લાગુ કરવામાં આવવાનું છે.

  • પુરા ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ માટે નીચે લિંક છે. 👇🏼

The same rate of DA will be applicable from July 2019 and is yet to be changed from January 2020.  That is, three installments of January 2020, June 2020 and January 2021 are due.  That is, the DA for 2021 is also set to rise.  It is estimated that DA may increase by 4% in June 2021 as well.  However it will be announced later.

 Will PF and gratuity also be affected?

 In addition to the Dairy Allowance (DA) for central employees, travel allowance and city allowance may also be increased in July.  Whereas, additional provision is expected in provident fund and gratuity for retirement. 

       If that happened then it would be nothing short of a double whammy for them.  However there is a demand from the employees, they should also be paid the remaining arrears of last 18 months three installments.

The bumper will benefit if the arrears are agreed upon.

 Central employees have demanded that they also be paid arrears from January 2020 to June 2021, but, according to many media reports, sources say the government is not in the mood right now.

Link:- આ ન્યુઝ ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો.

www.gujaratsamachar.com news business 7th-pay-commission latest news today good-news for central government employees da, arrear and  promotion related Important News on July 2021.

  The reason is that the burden on the exchequer has increased a lot due to Corona.  However, a meeting of the finance ministry and the staff union is to be held on the issue, in which it is hoped to decide yes or no in this regard.

If you get a promotion, your salary will also increase.

 The next 6 months are very important for the central employees as they are likely to get promotions.  Self assessment is to be filled by June.  This is then reviewed by the officer and then the file is forwarded.

રાજ્યના કર્મચારીના સ્થગિત કરેલા મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાની ચુકવણી કરવા બાબતે લેટેસ્ટ લેટર
17/06/2021 Letter DOWNLOAD LETTER

  Employees who get promotions, their salary (Employees Salary Hike) will also increase.  The self-assessment assessment will be completed by December.  Employees will be promoted and their pay will be increased as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

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