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Std 2 bridge course gyansetu class study material Youtube Videos

Std 2 bridge course gyansetu class study material Videos

Online Study Std 2 bridge course gyansetu class study material Videos.

Listening, acting, performing rhymes, singing songs with the help of audio-visual equipment. Teach different diagrams, pictures, dots and more rehearsals. Give students different pictures to color proof. Have students play simple games in the classroom and on the field.

STD 2 Home Learning bridge course gyansetu class Live
STD 2 Online Study School Activity Video in Gujarati.
Conducting meditation activities in school readiness activity. Show students the picture. Ask questions and call out five to seven sentences.

Std 2 Home Learning Study Materials video E-Class Gujarati Diksha portal Video Online Play

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bridge course gyansetu class online education class 1 & class 2

Standard home learning std 1& 2 live

dhoran 2 bridge course gyansetu class live prasaran juo

bridge course gyansetu class channel number for Study Materials.

Dhoran 2 - Online Study Home Videos Link
Std 2 bridge course gyansetu class study material Videos June 2021

 16/07/2021ગણિત Study Material Click Here

15/07/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Material Click Here

14/07/2021 ગણિત Study Material Click Here

08/07/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Material Click Here

07/07/2021 ગણિત Study Material Click Here

06/07/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Material Click Here

05/07/2021 ગણિત Study Material Click Here

03/07/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Material Click Here

02/07/2021 ગણિત Study Material Click Here

01/07/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Video Click Here

30/06/2021 ગણિત Online School Study Click Here

29/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Study Video Click Here

Date 28/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 26/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 25/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here
Date 24/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 23/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 22/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 21/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 19/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 18/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 17/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 16/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 15/06/2021 ગુજરાતી Click Here

Date 14/06/2021 ગણિત Click Here

Date 12/06/2021 Gujarati Click Here

Date 11/06/2021 Maths Click Here

Date 10/06/2021 Gujarati Click Here

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