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Kantali tar yojana 2023 |Khetarne farte kantali tar yojana | Barbed wire fence plans @emobaile

The weight of the thorn is 23 Barbed Wire Fence Plans @mobile

 Kantali tar yojana 2023 |Khetarne farte kantali tar yojana | Barbed wire fence plans @emobaile

KANTALI TAR YOJANA 2023 Gujarat sarkar dvara khedutone apato khash labh chhe aa yojana dvara khedut potana khetar ne farte rakhdata dhor jeva ke nil gay bhund jeva ralau dhoro thi khet pakone thata nukshan thi bachavava mate khedut khetar ni farte kantali tar kari ne kheti no pak bachavi shake chhe mate kheduto mate aashirvaad rupi aa KANTALI TAR YOJANA chhe 
KANTALI TAR YOJANA 2023 ma Gujarat sarkar dvara ketlak niyamo ma ferfar karvama aavyo chhe to chalo janie vigatvar mahiti


 In the barbed wire fence scheme for crop protection, the assistance amount will be deposited directly into the farmer's account through RTGS after the fence is ready.  The Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation has made it clear that farmers will not have to pay any money to the agency or its employees for land surveying or other operations under the barbed wire fence scheme to protect crops from wild animalsanimals


Under this operation, the company is paid by Gujarat Agro.  Hence, Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation has further stated that the farmers will not have to pay money to any employee of the agency for land measurement or any other work under the barbed wire fence scheme.

Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited has been appointed by the state government as the implementing agency for a scheme to provide financial assistance to farmers to construct iron barbed wire fences around their fields to prevent damage to farmers' crops by wild animals.  Under which M/s Selan Project Consultants Pvt Ltd has been assigned the task of rural survey, analysis, site inspection, quality control, publicity and planning for the application made by the farmers.


KANTALI TAR YOJANA 2023 yojana ma have kheduto pahela khetarne farte tara fiting karvani raheshe tyarbad teni mapni karavani pachi jayare pass thay tyare kantali tar yojana na rupiya sidha khedutna bank account ma jama kravi devama aavashe

Kantali tar yojana more information

 Gujarat government has been bringing farmer oriented schemes again and again.  As for the barbed wire fence construction plan, the plan is effective from date: 20/05/2005.  To make this scheme more effective and useful, amendments have been added and a cluster based scheme has been decided

Kantali tar yojana 2023 ni vigatvar mahiti

Under this scheme, farmers will have to make a cluster of their lands and apply.  Farmers of all types will have to make a cluster of at least 5 hectares of land and apply. (Earlier it was 15 to 20 hectares.)

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 A group leader has to be appointed among the farmers around their farm.

 Applications of beneficiary groups are to be made as per the cluster.  200/- per running meter as per application or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less assistance will be sanctioned.

 Online application has to be done on i-khedut portal. Approval of state government has to be obtained for allotment of district wise targets.  If there are more applications in it, approval will have to be done through online draw method.

 If he is not selected in the draw as well, it will be carried forward to the year following the application.  So that the beneficiary does not have to apply again.

 Whether wire fencing is done in the third party corridor before approving the application?  It has to be verified.  Completion of work will also be verified by third party inspection.

A report will be generated through it and payment will have to be made accordingly.  GPS location tagging has to be done at the time of its verification.

 If the work is not done according to the prescribed quality or design, or if the work is carried out with inferior goods, the benefits of the barbed wire fence construction scheme may not be realized.

 After the farmers build the barbed wire fence, they have to bear the cost of maintaining it themselves.

 Farmers will get the benefit of this barbed wire fence construction scheme only once in that survey no.  And the benefits of the scheme, if availed earlier, will not be availed again.

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 This scheme has to be implemented in the entire state of Gujarat.

Kantali tar yojana Assistance available

[1]  kantali tar yojana The assistance payable under this scheme will be paid in two instalments.
 [2]   kantali tar yojana 50% assistance will be paid (Rs. 100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less) after verification that the pillars have been erected by the farmers in the first phase.
 [3[    kantali tar yojana 50% assistance payable in second phase (Rs.100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less) after completion of the entire work to Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd.  Third party GPS employed by  Location s

Kantali tar yojana How to apply online?

Kantali tar yojana To avail the benefit you have to apply online application from i khedut portal.

Open from i khedut portal
 Its site will open, tick the box that says “plan”.
 A menu will open that says “close”.
 It will open all the schemes in which you have to tick “Click here for details” in the box with “Gujarat Agro Industries Corporate Ltd”.
 Tick ​​the 6 numbered box below that says “Apply”.
 On the page that opens, tick the box that says “Click to Apply New”.
 A form will open in Gujarati, write all your required details.  After filling in the form, tick “Save Application” at the bottom of the form.
 In the page that will open, write your application number in a note and if you are working from a mobile, take a screenshot of it.

Important link

CLICK HERE:- Read in Gujarati full information

CLICK HERE:- Official website

Kantali tar yojana 2023 ni vadhu mahiti upar aapeli links thi melvi shko chho kantali tar yojana ni mahiti news report ane internet dvar ekthi karvama aavi chhe

Kantali tar yojana Evidence to be submitted along with the application

[1 ]  Details of farmer/farmer group with application
 [2]  Bank account details
 [3]  7/12, 8A and copy of Aadhaar Card
 [4]   Affidavit of Payment to Youth Leader
 [5]   Agreement that the farmers agree to do the work collectively
 [6]   Banehghari's note that Juth farmers have not availed the benefit of wire fencing scheme in advance.


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