Matter of hand holding and monitoring of gujarat schools in red and black grades.

Matter of hand holding and monitoring of schools in red and black color grades.

With reference to the above subject and to state that the training of the schools in Red and Black color grades of our district has been completed by DIET-Gandhinagar.  All the head teachers and teachers of these schools have been given all the necessary guidance.

A school development plan has also been prepared which will include the efforts to be made by the school in time during this training.  These schools have to organize hand holding and monitoring at all levels.

Black and Read Grade Schools Monitoring Related Latest news

  We will implement the following instructions for that.  TPEO, Diet Liaison Officer, BRCCO  And S.I.  Monthly visits to Black and Red color grade schools are expected.  CRCCO  A fortnightly visit is required by.  TPEO, Liaison Officer, BRCCO, School inspectors and C.R.C.O.

The visits to be conducted by the Diet Principal and District Pvt.  To be sent to the Education Officer.  During these visits, schools will have to provide guidance on all the major areas and sub-sectors with regard to Merit gunotsav 2.0 and follow up the progress of the school in that regard.  

By preparing the progress report of the schools, DIET principals and district Pvt.  To be sent to the Education Officer.  

Yellow color grade schools with a score of 50% to 60% in Gunotsav 2.0 will also have to be hand-held.  For coordination of hand holding and monitoring work, every 10 days at the district level coordination meeting, progress report will have to be presented along with the presentation.  Which will be reported at that time.

GSQAC Gunotsav 2.0 Result ને વાંચો.

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Black Read and Yellow Grade Schools Monitoring Related Latest news.

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